Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm back for good!!!

Hey guys, sorry I've been away for too long but I've just been so busy with law school.

Anyway, I'm back for good now and I have a surprise for you guys. I've made a youtube channel, it's

I don't think I'm going to making makeup tutorials on that because I'm not a makeup artist, I just do it because I love it and for fun, but I do make videos about products I like, beauty tips, fashion and things like that, so go check it out. It will make my day.


Okay, so this week I bought 2 brushes and a powder foundation.

The brushes are by BELLIZ. I have NEVER heard of this brand before my mom got home with a few brushes and they are AMAZING and cheep. I think it's way to hard to find good brushes so I fell in love imediately with those.

The foundation is by ELKE. I've talked about this brand before and I really love their foundation, concealer and gloss. This foundation is amazing, I love it.

Okay guys, so that's what I got this week.

Hope you liked it...


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