Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first love

Lara(Dog) and Nanda (Hamster)
They loved each other, always slept together.

You probably know I love animals, even more than I love people, because your pets are faithfull to you, they love you unconditionally, you can ALWAYS count on them, and all they ask for is food, water, a warm bed and love. I have two baby girls named Leka and Minnie, and I love them to death. They make my day just by looking at me.

But my love for animals started a long time ago. I was 6 when I got my first dog. I liked him a lot but I was only 6 so I didn't really know what to do. We had to give him away after 6 months because we moved to an apartment where dogs weren't allowed.

When I was 9 a pet store opened near my house, and I went there every day just to look at those pretty faces. One caught my attention. It was the cutest poodle with a smile on her eyes. She was 2 months old, and she was there with her 3 brothers. It was love at first sight. I talked with the pet store owner and she said I could take the dog home for 2 days just to see how everything would go. My dad didn't want a dog, but I just loved her so much, I couldn't stand to be without her anymore. So I took her home without my parents permition. There was something about that cutie that made every one love her. It wasn't diferent with my parents. So my dad bought her and she was definitely mine. We named her LARA.

My neighbor got one of her brothers, and after only 2 weeks at home he got sick. And all of her other brothers were sick too. So I got really woried. They have all been vaccinated but Lara. They found out they had parvovirus, and so did Lara, so the vet told me not to vaccinate her. All the others died. She was there, getting stonger every day. My fighter.

I lived near 14 other kids with my age. They loved Lara. She was always with her yellow ball and she loved to play with us. Sometimes the kids asked if they could play with Lara in the soccer field and we always let them. She was so friendly. I swear I have never seen a dog like her.

When she was 1 1/2 she broke her leg playing with me. We were in a different town and it was sunday so there was no vets. We came back home and on monday morning we took her to the vet. They put a plaster cast and we got back home. It had to be worn for 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks she was fine and ready to go.

2 days after she got rid of that plaster cast, we were playing with her and her ball and she hit the table with the same leg, so there she was with a broken leg again. It was sunday again but we were at home so we called the vet, and he was at the club, it was like a mile from my home so we took her there and he took care of her in the club parking lot. More 6 weeks to go. Poor baby.

When she was 2 she was hit by a car in front of my house by a new neighbor. I wasn't at home. When I got back from a birthday party I got the news. She was in surgery and very injured. We were all crying and waiting for the phone to call and tell us she was fine. They told me that if she survived she would be blind so I started to move everything that could hurt her. I was 11 and she was my life. After 2 hours the vet called and told us he couldn't do anything to save her, she had an internal bleeding and they couldn't save her.

She died on april 6th 2002. It had been 9 years, and the pain still strong.

She tought me how to love, how to be responsible, how to take care of someone, how to think of others before I think about myself, she made me who I am today. Some people can say: it was just a dog. That's not true. She was an angel, I can explain but there was something really special about her! I am thankfull for having her for those amazing 2 year. I don't know who I would be if I haven't met her.

So today my blog is about her, and everyday my thoughts are for her.

Hope you guys can have an angel just like I did.



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